Music & Choir

“Come; let us sing joyfully to the Lord.”

– Psalm 95
The goal of All Saints Music & Choir is to inspire parishioners to join in praising God through song, to “evoke the presence and power of God through the beauty of music,” and to draw people closer to God and His Church through the power of music. (J. Michael McMahon, America, April, 2008).

For more information about Music & Choir, contact Kaye Lewis, Music Coordinator.

Vigil Choir

The Vigil Choir sings during the Saturday evening Vigil Mass at

How To Participate In The Vigil Choir
All are welcome. Rehearsals are from to before the Vigil Mass on Saturdays, and on Thursdays from to from September through May.

Those interested in the Vigil Choir may come to a rehearsal, or for more information, contact Kaye Lewis, Director at (803) 831-1983 or

Sunday Music Choir (8:00 a.m. & 9:45 a.m. Mass)

The Sunday Music Choir at the and Mass is a small group of musicians consisting of a guitar player, drummer and vocalist. The main-focus is to magnify and glorify God through song, and to lead the congregation to allow them to fully express praise to our Lord.

How To Participate In The Sunday Music Choir (8:00 a.m. & 9:45 a.m. Mass)
For more information, contact A.J. Rohaly at (704) 941-7455 or

Sunday Music Choir (11:30 a.m. Mass)

Adult Choir

The Adult Choir sings every week at the Mass.

How To Participate In The Adult Choir
The adults rehearse on Sundays at when the children are not rehearsing. When the children rehearse the adults will practice in St. Mary’s room from until When the children start in September, they will follow the Faith Formation Schedule and practice from until in the church. When Faith Formation is off, the children do not rehearse. Once you join the Adult Choir, you will receive a weekly email that advises you of our upcoming Sunday schedule. It shows the children’s schedule as well as the adult schedule.

Those interested may come to a rehearsal, or for more information, contact Cecilia Carlson at (803) 389-3233 or

Children’s Choir

The Children’s Choir sings on the second Sunday of the month at the Mass from October through March. The children sing throughout the entire Mass and even sing cantor solos when possible.

How To Participate In The Children’s Choir
Children in second through eighth grades are invited to participate in this joyful, lively choir that has become a parish favorite. Children must know how to read, be well-behaved and be willing to sing. The children will rehearse after Faith Formation on Sundays at the organ for approximately 20-25 minutes.

Children’s Choir follows the Faith Formation schedule, and when there is no Faith Formation, there is no Children’s Choir.

Those interested or for more information, contact Adrienne Curran at (617) 997-2433 or

Kathy Lichter

Kaye Lewis