All Saints Catholic Church celebrated its 40th Anniversary and special ornaments were made and distributed to the parishioners. The church had a facelift with new paint. The columbarium was completed and was consecrated by Bishop Jacques.


Church was back to pre-Covid attendance. Ministries and events were in full swing. Faith & Family Ministry was instituted and began dinner events. Bishop Jacques Fabre-Jeune, C. S. was welcomed to the Diocese of Charleston.


Father Ed celebrated his 50th anniversary as a priest. Ministries began to meet, faith formation resumed, and we returned to live Masses.


Father John celebrated his 40th anniversary as a priest. The parish was closed in March 2020 due to Covid-19. The church reopened in May at 25% capacity. The year ended with 50% capacity with social distancing.


Rev. John Giuliani, C.O. was appointed Pastor and Rev. Ed McDevitt C.O. was appointed Parochial Vicar May 1st.

Faith on Fire ‘Awaken our Hearts’ parish mission.


New parish logo and colors are voted on by parishioners. Parishioner votum for the ‘Expansion of current Church’, and the new parish website is released.


Read the 2017 Priority Plan to learn more about the priorities of the parish as we look to the future.


Rev. Agustin Guzman, C.O. was appointed as Pastor of All Saints, and the All Saints Parish Life Center was dedicated.


Construction began for the All Saints Parish Life Center.


The Saints Alive Campaign began.


Rev. Edward McDevitt, C.O. was appointed Pastor of All Saints.


All Saints celebrated its 25th anniversary on November 1st, All Saints Day.


Rev. Fabio Refosco, C.O. was named Parish Administrator on July 1st.


All Saints was dedicated by Bishop Robert J. Baker on November 1st, 2006.


The Bishop of Charleston gave final approval of the construction plans and authorized the hiring of a contractor.


Rev. Joseph Pearce, C.O. became Pastor in July. He proceeded with hiring an architect and finalizing construction plans.


Bishop Robert Baker gave permission for All Saints Mission to begin a capital campaign and to engage an architect to prepare conceptual drawings.


Eight and one-half acres of land were purchased at the corner of Hwy. 274 and Pole Branch Road in Lake Wylie.


Rev. Edward McDevitt, C.O. became Pastor in 1994, and Bishop David Thompson renamed the Community, All Saints Catholic Mission. A building committee was also established.


Rev. John Guiliani, C.O. became the Pastor and the parish became a separate entity known as the Lake Wylie Catholic Community.


Rev. Henry Telvin, C.O. and Rev. John Giuliani, C.O. celebrated Mass at “River Hills Station” on Saturday evening.


Rev. William Pentis, C.O. began having Lenten masses in the homes around Lake Wylie.


The Catholic population grew as many GIs returned and many southern men came home with brides.


During the Great Depression, a group of New York area priests, under the direction of the Bishop of Charleston, Michael Walsh, was assigned to the York County area and the Rock Hill Oratory was formed.